Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas Tree Festival

The Christmas Tree Festival was on today and I was very pleased that our ladder Jesse Tree fitted in the back of our van.

I was pleased our tree was placed right at the door. We do pray that at least one person
would perhaps see for the first time what Christmas is all about. And that the message
of Christ is right through the Scriptures.
We also dropped off a box tree
that the GirlGuides had made.

The fire departments tree.

Some others. I love the wool one in the back there.

The medical center's one on the left was so clever.

It was nice that the girls got to see some of the things.
We will be off at Ballet practice and concert this afternoon
when the Festival is on.

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Aliadelaide said...

Love all the Jesse tree ideas! We have been using the free download by Ann Voskamp of Holy Experience this year and are really enjoying it!
Happy Advent!