Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hay fever and low iron

Over the last week or two Ruth has been struggling on and off with itchy eyes. I eventually took her to the doc this morning guessing that it must be hay fever and she will need antihistamine to help her through this time of year. The doc agreed and prescribed drops and meds. It's the first experience for our family, so I will have to start learning all I can about it. It sounded quite bleak when the doc said there is a chance that she will grow out of it, but more than likely it will just get worse every year and she will just have to use antihistamine every year. And this is exactly what I have heard from a few people in the area of their experience with hay fever. So I pray that the Lord would guide me and help me to know how to help her body cope with this - long term.
The doc also noted that Ruth is anemic (or at least has low iron levels) from looking at her eyes. She showed me how white the inside is - rather than red. I told the doc that we have had to really work on her diet to help her but that she does still struggle with low energy levels. She asked about supplements and I told her that the only one that had been suggested was a liquid that stained their teeth and I was not wanting to use it. I was so thankful that she did not make me feel silly about that - but understood. She got onto her computer and started searching for different option. She found a different option in tablet form and I think Ruth will manage with swallowing them. The doctor shared that she was anemic when growing up and so perhaps that helped her to have sympathy for Ruth and a desire to help her with this too.
Ruth has not been napping in the afternoons and has been waking up at a normal time so I think I just guessed her levels had come up and were not too bad. I am glad the doc picked up that the levels were still low, was not worried about taking blood to check and put effort in to finding something to help her. I pray that the supplement will really help her little body.
Thank Your Lord! What a blessing to try and get help for one issue and come away with help for two things. And it only cost a few dollars for the script.

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