Monday, November 22, 2010

Fuller's visit

The Fuller family stayed over this evening at the start of their 2 week South Island holiday. It was lovely to get to see them again and to return some of the hospitality they shared with us on our North Island trips. Rachel again hit it off with the boys and they played for ages together.
Ruth made some Pear Meringue Tarts and Rachel made a lemon Meringue Tart for desert. Well done girls. They were much enjoyed.
I made sure I got some photos of the sows in the fields
this time.
The days are so lovely and long that we decided to take them to see the pig farm after dinner. The children had such an amazing time on the back of the ute (while on the farm). They kept shouting and asking Brendon to drive through the puddles. Many fun memories made this evening.

Brendon took a photo of one of the
sheds with tiny piglets in (under 10
days). You can just see the roller at
the door which keeps the piglets
from leaving.

After 10 days they have free access to the fields.

Brendon drove us onto a small hill so that we could have a nice view of the grower section (the section he manages).
It really is huge.
On the way down (reversing as there was no space to turn around) we hit a
ditch. The children saw it coming but thought it would be fun to bump through it.
Brendon had to get the Merlow to lift it out. So that was a good excuse to
give the children all a ride.

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