Saturday, September 18, 2010

Snow in September

7:30 This is the view of the mountains from our kitchen. We knew there was going to be snow overnight but when Brendon saw how low it was he suggested we take a drive up the Lake Sumner Road and see if we could get to some snow for the girls to play in. So we did a quick pack and once Ruth was up we hit the road (around 9am).
9:55 It was just so beautiful to see the snow covered mountains get closer and closer. It did not take long though for Ruth to start feeling car sick. So she sat on my lap in the front.
10:05 WOW! We came over this one hill and saw this valley in front of us. It was breathtakingly beautiful.
10:30 Through that valley and heading towards Lake Taylor. Driving with the river to our right.
11:00 At Lake Taylor. We had our traditional Kiwi snack, chips with dip (reduced cream with 1/2 packet soup mixed in - a kiwi favorite). It's become our family tradition for outings as we have had it the last two Friday's that Brendon has had off. It was raining and bitterly cold out, so we sat in the car and enjoyed looking out over the lake. It will be nice to bring the girls here in summer.
11:25 We used the shelter of two very big trees to get the girls into their snow outfits. We have had this toboggan out the toy library for weeks now, so I am so pleased we have finally gotten an opportunity to use it.
11:30 Up a little hill to try it out.
You can see by the way that they are walking that it was relatively steep at the top there. It was a perfect spot for us as not one of us have every done it before. Even though it was raining still I had my camera and wanted to catch some clips on video.
Ruth was the first to go. I am sorry I did not film longer - I was worried my camera was getting wet. Their first goes were all quite slow as we got used to how things worked.

Hannah was keen to have a go next. She had an excellent ride. I think Brendon felt a bit better about giving a bit of a push to get them started.

Rachel then had the courage to give it a try too.
Then I packed my camera away and we all had a few turns. Then it was time for snow ball fights which was enjoyed by all. Soon every one's hands were really cold though so we had to head back to the car. We made sure everyone was in warm dry clothes and started the trip back.
12:15 There were a number of Fords to cross on the road. On the way back I thought to get a photo of one. Ruth quickly learnt to look out for the signs and would know one was coming. There were also a few pretty waterfalls off the side of the road where it was steeper that were lovely to spot.
12:20 The sun even made an appearance and it was just so stunning to see the snow capped mountains bathed in sunlight.
12:30 I wish I had taken a photo from this spot on our way there. There is a magnificent huge mountain right in the middle there (hidden by cloud in this photo) and the colour of the river is just spectacular.
12:45 I told Brendon that the only photo I was missing was a family photo. As it was not raining at this point he lovingly found this spot to pull over and allow me to get everyone out the car for a photo. I forgot to put the flash on the first time, so when we got back in the car and I checked I noticed our faces were all so dark. We all got out again and I tried again. Much better this time. What a wonderful patient husband I have.
13:05 We were amazed as we drove at how little snow was around. We both said "I don't recognise this area" at one point. And then we realized where we were and how all the snow had already melted. When we got to the top of this hill I took a photo of that magnificent valley that we saw so covered in snow at 10:05, just 3 hours earlier. That hill in the middle with a little bit of snow on had been a spot Brendon had said might be a nice one to slide on. We were very glad we did our tobogganing at the Lake. If we had waited to drive back to this spot we would have been terribly disappointed.
Rachel said this was the best Saturday ever. She said it does not compare to our trip to the seals or to Hamner as they were both on Fridays. :-) It truly was a wonderful morning. One we will all remember for a long time. I am so thankful for Brendon's spontaneity that got us out to enjoy it.

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