Saturday, September 18, 2010

Colouring in competition

This afternoon we headed down to the end of the Spring Day in Hawarden where the girls had entered the colouring in competition.
I had stopped in to drop off bread for them to sell at the produce table this morning and while i was there I took a photo of the pictures that were up. This was the 4 year old section. There were no winners in this section with almost everyone getting a "outstanding effort" certificate. But I think Ruth's does stand out. She did such a lovely job. She looks forward to next year when they will be judged. :-)
And when I checked this morning Rachel's age group had not been judged yet. She was thrilled when we went in the afternoon to find she had WON!!!! Well done Rachel. The cap and water bottle in the first photo was her prize. This is really special for Rachel as she has really worked on her colouring in over the last couple of years. When she first entered 3 years ago she could see that her colouring was not as good as the children who practice colouring in at school all the time. So I am very proud of how well she has done.

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