Sunday, September 5, 2010

Seal and crayfish

This is a drawing Rachel did of our visit with the seals on Friday. She was just so excited about the seal touching her hand. So it's a wonderful picture of that special memory. I think she has also done an amazing job as she has not looked at a picture of a seal. It's all from her memory. The proof is that this poor seal looks like it has no tail. We had a look at some pictures in her dictionary and realized it's because the back legs are right at the back, almost forming what looks like a tail when they swim. So good job Rachel.
And in good Kaikoura spirit we had a crayfish this afternoon. Someone who works with Brendon had given it to us a while back and it's been sitting in the freezer.

It's incredible to see the colours.

Because once it's cooked it's what you typically see in a restaurant or shop. Rachel did not want any but the younger girls enjoyed it with Brendon and I. My clear garlic butter sauces went wonderfully with it too.

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