Monday, September 6, 2010

Rough night, rewarding day

High winds were expected yesterday and today, so many of the buildings that have been condemned in Christchurch have been pulled down. The concern is that if they are not taken down, with the after shocks and strong winds, more damage can be done. It is going to be so strange to drive through town and see building just gone.
The high winds started last night and poor Rachel could not sleep. The sound of the wind kept reminding her of the sound of the earth quake. The final straw was a big bang on her window. A garden chair had been blown across the lawn. So we suggested she sleep on a mattress in her sisters room. We also chatted about things with her and she felt better and got to sleep quickly. The sisters thought it was great fun having a mattress in their room when they woke up.
Ruth has decided this map puzzle is just a bit too tricky and has allowed Rachel (and me) to help with it. It's not the 400 odd pieces but rather their very strange shapes and sizes. And the picture on the box is really small too. So Rachel got her glasses and said it helped her read the small names on the box.
And then this afternoon Rachel got what she has been waiting weeks for. Time with our friends horse. It has been rainy every afternoon that we have visited and she was preparing herself for not riding today as it was so windy and she knows that wind can upset some horses. So she was thrilled when she was asked if she wanted to ride.
While Rachel helped rub the horse down and get him saddled up the younger two played with the two puppies that are left.

Hannah was not so sure about these little mouths and their sharp teeth.

And then they brought the horse up to the house so that they younger two could get a ride.

Ruth said she was a little bit scared when she first got on and then she felt fine and enjoyed it.

Rachel is very excited about being offered lessons when she comes. It's been 3 years since she had her lessons in SA and she so misses it. She went from having a very rough night last night to having such a rewarding day today (and extra Ballet lessons went well too).

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