Saturday, July 24, 2010

More rain and puzzles

This morning Ruth got started on a 150 piece puzzle that I found in our library this morning. I was really surprised at how quickly she got into it.
Having a morning tea snack of biltong dust.

Once Ruth was done with the Dinosaur puzzle Rachel decided to give it a try. Ruth had moved onto a 100 piece of foxes which was quite tricky and the girls ended up having a race to see who could get finished first. Ruth only just won - but with 50 pieces less we told Rachel that she had also done an amazing job.
Rachel was excited to start a sewing project today. A gift she was given of a tiny ornament. So she spent quite a bit of time sorting through all the beads. I enlarged the pattern for her so that she could better see what she needed to do. She is really excited about doing this. It is going to be a really hard task though.
And Ruth did not stop there. While Rachel got sewing she got more building done and finished another 100 piece puzzle. I sure am glad I don't have bored girls with such wet weather around.
Brendon has been struggling with a cold / flu the last day or two, so it was nice to just have a quite day indoors.

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