Sunday, July 25, 2010

The good, the bad and the published

Last night I went hunting in the library for another puzzle for Ruth and found this 221 piece. Brendon said he thinks that's a bit much. So my thought was to build it with her. But while we were watching a sermon this morning she got started. Within no time she had the frame done.
She left the tree for last with all the dark pieces and had to move into the sun so that she could see the subtle differences.

We were just amazed as we watched her today. Well done Ruth.
I would love to get her a special puzzle (perhaps 200 or 300 pieces) which she can build and we can frame for her. It will be special for her to see what she was building at the age of 4.
And the bad you ask? Brendon noticed lice eggs in Hannah's hair this morning. Thankfully I had some lice treatment in the cupboard still, so we got that on.

Hopefully with catching it early we can get it stopped really quickly. I am also praying that again I am able to contain it to just the one head. So far each of the girls has had lice once (and so far not given it to their sisters).

We forgot to fetch the post yesterday, so headed down to collect it today. That's why Ruth is in different clothes in the pictures of her - she wanted to wear her new red top that arrived.
My Girl Guiding Zone News had also arrived which is published for all leaders on the South Island and Rachel was thrilled to see that her article had been published. Well done Rachel. She makes the note that she got the prize for the most hits, but I want to add that it was her first time ever playing mini golf. So I am glad she was not frustrated with not doing well and that she could enjoy the day. Brendon had asked her if she got any hole in ones and she said "yes - on the practice hole before we started".

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