Saturday, March 20, 2010

North Island Day 22

By 8:30am we were on the road. Steffan was up and follow us out the drive and down their road.
We decided to try get down to Wellington a bit earlier so that we could get to the museum before checking in for the ferry. It's a 140km drive which takes over 2 hours.
The actual size of the heart of a whale.
Doing some exploring.
This was an amazing section. Reactive furniture or something. As we walked under this the little fan like things closed up. I should have taken a video. It was incredible and had us walking past a few times.
Without the flash so that you can see how pretty it was too.
Enjoying one of the many children's sections.
More exploring.
By 1pm we had to check in for the ferry. So we had our lunch as we waited. It's always fun to watch all the boats.
Rachel had managed to sell some biscuits through the holiday but still had quite a few left so she walked around the cars and sold almost everything she had left. Well done Rachel.
We arrived in Picton around 5 and then just had the short 55km to Seddon for our last night of holiday.
It was amazing to notice how brown it is here after being on the North Island. The North Island was definitely not as green as we expected it to be - but it's not quite as dry as here.
A spectacular sun set. A fitting end to the day on our last evening before returning home. We have had the most wonderful 3 weeks and thank the Lord for a wonderful time.
I must also note here that it was while we visited here that the girls were given grapes to eat. There were many and eventually we had to tell Hannah to stop otherwise she might get a sore tummy. I write this a month and a half later and still - if Hannah sees grapes - she says "tummy sore" and we have to keep telling her "only if you eat too many". :-)

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