Friday, March 19, 2010

North Island Day 21

Because we were traveling yesterday we decided we would celebrate Hannah's birthday today rather. I baked the cake in the afternoon and showed it to her. Once they went to bed I started icing it. When she heard the mixer she called "Tractor Cake" she was so excited and knew I was working on it. Brendon was a great help and we got the cake finished by 11pm.
In the morning as soon as she woke up I said "Hannah - what day is it" and she said "Birthday - Tractor Cake". She was very excited about getting presents.
Wow - another one.

She was very excited to get her own recorder. She would always borrow Rachel's one - so at least know she has her own. She got very shy with the camera though and as soon as I put it away she started playing.
She was very happy with her tractor cake.
She had been practicing blowing for her candles. She blew them out though as soon as they were lit so we lit them again for a photo and to get to sing Happy Birthday. Kath and the boys joined us for her little party. The original plan would have been having this yesterday with 8 other children, but the Lord had other plans and it was still a special time to remember God's goodness to her over the last 2 years.
When we stayed at Jason and Michelle I went with Michelle one night to a card making evening and the one card that was being made was a tractor card. So it worked perfectly with Hannah's birthday. Happy Birthday to our tractor made little girl.
While the younger two had their afternoon nap Rachel, Ioan and I headed down to the indoor heated pools for a swim. I was thankful to know that my arm is slowly improving and I am feeling sure I will manage the swim in the allocated time for the life saving course I have the weekend after we get home.

Hannah enjoying some tractor toys that she found.
I tried to get a photo of her looking at the camera but she was just in a playing mood the whole afternoon. Our busy little bee she is.
Rachel had so much fun with the boys this evening. They had amazing imaginative games they were playing.
What it would look like at home every day if she had older brothers. :-)
Thanks Ian and Kath for having allowing us to stay at the beginning and the end of our holiday. It was great getting to visit with you again.

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