Friday, March 12, 2010

North Island Day 14

Ruth would not miss going out to the goats this morning. It's amazing to see how relaxed she is with them. In general she loves animals but also has a cautious side to her and she can get a bit stressed with cats or dogs at times. So it was lovely to see her just so relaxed and enjoying a cuddle.
Hannah had to learn to not touch their ears though. Michelle will grab their ears if they need to be disciplined.
The ducks came over again this morning and this time Michelle was ready with food for them.
Still not so sure about this little children though. You can see the big pot that Michelle uses for the milk. We enjoyed lovely fresh goats milk while we were here which was lovely.
We spotted the Pukeko again and got a much nicer photo (although not with the chick today).
Then we headed over to Chipmunks - an indoor play area. This slide was so fast Ruth was down before I could take the photo. They land in a HUGE pile of balls.
Here you can see how many there are. Ruth is almost completely hidden.
Getting ready for a big slide. It was really steep and fast though so they did not come back.
There were just so many places to climb and slide. The girls had a wonderful time. We have never been to one of these before so it was a real treat.
The highlight though was the big slide. They spent ages here.

A video of all of them on the slide.
We only had 100km to drive this afternoon. It could take just 1 1/2 hours but it took us much longer than that because of all the traffic. We realized it's the first time we have been in traffic in over 2 1/2 years. Not something we miss. :-)
After arriving at the Colletts it did not take long for the girls to head off to the park. It was lovely to see friends again after so many years. The little girl I remember is already a teenager.

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