Saturday, March 13, 2010

Faces and friends

We got some pies in town for lunch and then on our way back to the Collettes we stopped at a beach for the girls to play. There was a church function on at the beach we picked and they had free face painting. So the girls enjoyed being butterflies.
Hannah's hair was so long that they had to just go with one on her cheek.
And then time for fun in the sand.
For Dad too. He wrote
"Bucklands were here".
Enjoying the little waves.
Having a big sister is so much fun.
Rachel has been playing WII a lot since we arrived and finally the rest of the family got a go this afternoon. It was so funny to watch Hannah. She had seen us playing tennis earlier and so even though the hand help part was not working for this game she still stood in front of Brendon and would often "hit" the balls she saw. It was very cute to watch.
Ruth did really well at the Wipe out course.
We went to the Jensens for dinner in the evening and Rachel and Ruth quickly found the dress up clothes.

The children had lots of fun. The two oldest girls were out for the night so I could not get full family photos unfortunately.
We had a great time catching up with everyone. It was a lovely evening. Wonderful food and very special fellowship.

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