Thursday, March 11, 2010

Fun for everyone

On the way home from the beach we stopped at the local playground. Michelle and I walked to the shops to get some hot chips for lunch. I was surprised to hear that Brendon had never had chips on bread before. :-)
"I'm big enough for this one now."
Always fun to spend some time at a park.
And in the evening it was time for Brendon and I to have a treat. Michelle has a card that gives great discounts at various restaurants. So we headed out for dinner. What a treat. And boy was that food AMAZING!!!!! I felt like I was eating food that you see on Master Chef and for the first time fully understood how you enjoy the food with your eyes and nose before you even take a bite. It was really good. I even had scallops for the first time and they were lovely. The deserts were also wonderful and we had fun letting everyone taste a bit from the leftovers we brought home.
Thanks so much Michelle for suggesting it and for watching the girls. It was lovely.
It was nice that we were home before the children went to bed. So once all the tasting was done the girls headed for bed. Here is Ruth on the top bunk with her new head cover that I got at the shops this morning. You can tell she is quite pleased with it. :-)

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