Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Lots of traveling for Mum

This morning we headed out to fetch the beef a friend had organized for us (45min away). We got 1/4 of a cow - so we have a freezer full of beef for a change. We are hoping that by having red meat much more regularly it will help with Ruth's iron levels. I even got a batch of biltong going after lunch and that will make a nice iron rich snack for her too (not to mention yummmmmyyyyyy for us all).
Rachel was amazed that Hannah finished the WHOLE apple that she had while we traveled. :-)
And then in the afternoon I headed into town for shopping and Guide Meeting. I only got back after 10pm and was very thankful to the Lord again for the alertness I had while traveling back. Brendon had completed the last step of the biltong process and so that is all drying in our dehydrator and should be ready tomorrow.

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