Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Kittens are well

Little Smokey was so very affectionate this morning. We don't normally leave food outside but we did last night. So she was not hungry when she came in and she just followed me wherever I went. So she spent a good 45 min on my lap (most of which she was purring and rubbing up on me) and then Hannah woke up and so she got some loving.
We had not been sure about having her spade but decided to as we have heard that with her going on heat it could have a negative effect on Tiger even though he has been neuted. Michelle told me on Saturday about her male cat who had been neuted years before but when they had a female cat who went on heat he started spraying and fighting. So in order to keep our happy Tiger we had her done too.
I was a little concerned about Tiger this morning as he did not come in with Smokey. I was very pleased to see him on Rachel's lap when we came downstairs. He had not even wanted a wipe on his head yesterday (and so we gave him his space) so it was really nice to see him so affectionate with Rachel.
An hour later (after breakfast and yes, Rachel still in her pj's) Tiger was back on her lap. I really love this photo. I am so glad he loves her so much. He doesn't sit with anyone else much - he has a special love for Rachel.
I noticed we had a pink and a purple monster this morning - a good photo opportunity (and a good opportunity for some fun). Ruth often plays the clown and gets everyone laughing and Hannah is learning well from her big sis. :-)
Ruth is happy to share her new toys with Hannah. I was pleased to see Hannah giving it a try. She manages to get those 5 pieces in on her own.
We got the rest of the Math-U-See blocks this week as well as the 2nd storage box. So we have a new daily routine of playing with them.
Part of the learning is also packing up. Hannah packs up the big box and it was so funny to watch as she put the blue 10s in - she made sure each one was up the same way.
We were surprised to see Smokey's cut was on her side. I had expected it to be on her tummy. Rachel is really hoping the fur grows back very quickly.
I realized I did not have a photo of our African Princess. The extensions are much softer now and she looks so very pretty with her pony tail.
I had to laugh when the cats decided to walk with the girls to meet Dad. Please also note how we are all dressed. It was really cold today.
Ruth has her baby zipped into her jacket to keep her warm.

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