Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Books, brushes and bbq

While I made breakfast Rachel read the new library book to Ruth.
The landlord was coming today to bring a curtain for the study and to measure the kitchen window for a blind. So I started by cleaning at those places and ended up doing a really big clean. I have 3 lovely helpers - so we got so much done. As my friend always says - it's just the first 5 minutes that are effort.... Once you get started you can really get going.We enjoyed some lovely avocado for lunch today. Brendon was given this huge box on Monday from one of his team that had been on leave. The man's wife always has a special box for us. And those kiwi fruit are big - with over 50 of them on that tray.
Rachel and I have started playing a game to help her learn the making 10 facts. It's so much fun when you can play a game and they don't even realise that their mind can be learning at the same time.
When Dad got home he had two little helpers to assist in the cleaning of the bbq for our first use of it this season.
Hannah loves Rachel's jandles.
Hanging washing up at 4pm. It's not too bad in this shot, but with some gusts the clothes are parallel to the ground. So with that lovely wind and hours more of sun the washing should be almost dry tonight.
Lovely fish bbq with cous cous (Ruth has a baked potato as she does not eat wheat). Rachel does not like fish bake much, but she loves bbq fish.
I had my tripod out today, so here is a better photo of us on a different spot in the garden. Ruth so wanted to eat outside, but it did not last long. It was just too windy so we all headed inside eventually.
After dinner the girls spent a bit more time outside. I spotted the little two playing together.
Rachel also earned another audio book for her diligence last month. I had casually told her to put something away and then go look at her place mat. She had anticipated a big mess that she would have to clean up (as she often has a load of crumbs at her place mat) and so she was so wonderfully surprised when she saw the cd. She was so excited. She started listening to it this evening.

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Debbie said...

Really brought back memories! Would have LOVED to have joined you at the BBQ (braai):D
Enjoying following ur blog although for some reason, I have to follow yours and Antje's blogs manually as I am struggling to become your followers!