Thursday, November 5, 2009

Ear Infection

Rachel woke this morning with such terrible ear ache. I gave her a pain killer but it did not help. Thankfully I got an appointment with the doctor this morning and she confirmed Rachel had an ear infection. She prescribed anti-biotics but was happy for me to wait 24 hours before starting them. She said that 60-70% of children will improve within 24 hours without the meds, so we decided to go this route. I started her on my homeopathic remedies for infection but also needed to give her more pain killers after lunch and dinner. Thankfully they did help but she still spent a lot of the day in bed.
At one point I heard Ruth reading her a story. She obviously felt Rachel needed some company. You are a very caring sister Ruth. Rachel was disappointed to miss Brownies today but is also hoping to get well soon as she has plans to sleep at friends on the weekend.
After all the cleaning yesterday Hannah decided to get some more done today. I found her ready to plug the vacuum in and get going. So I plugged it in for her and she did some vacuuming.
After lunch we spotted the duck with her ducklings making their way through our garden.
We had thrown bread out the other day to try and entice them to visit. So perhaps they came looking for some more. They quickly made there way across the lawn and through the side fence to the water (with very long grass to hide in) along the side of the property.
As soon as they were out the garden I went out and threw some bread for them.
After dinner they came for another visit. Again as soon as they were out the garden (I did not want to scare them) I went to where they had excited and as I got to the fence one little duckling jumped off the side and into the water. I threw some more bread for them and hope that they will realise we would like to be friends.

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