Sunday, November 8, 2009

Pigs, puddle and pretty

Last night was a hard night again. I do pray that the meds start helping Ruth soon. I am also so thankful to the Lord for the energy He has given me to get through each day. Missing sleep for a number of nights can take it's toll. Brendon and I both had sore throats when we woke this morning, but a quick dose of garlic and honey sorted that out within half an hour.
Brendon suggested he stay at home with the two sick girls and Rachel and I head off to church. So I picked Rachel up on the way. She had a lovely weekend visit.
Ruth has been asking to go to the pig farm for ages now, so Brendon took the little two there for a quick visit this morning. When you first come up to the pigs they run away, but then they get inquisitive and come closer.
Brendon did not get photos (I think he had his hands quite full) so I am using photos from 2 years ago to just give you an idea of what they did. They got into an area like this and Hannah had a great time chasing the pigs. Brendon also caught one so that they could wipe it. They both really enjoyed it although Hannah is by far the braver and was happy to put her hand in with the bigger pigs and get licked. Ruth is still a bit nervous. But she wants to visit again soon.
By the time Rachel and I got home the little two were asleep. It was very hot this afternoon though, so not long after they woke we gave them a bit of water to play with to just help keep cool. Ruth immediately asked me for the animals. She remembers playing with them in the shells last year - what a good memory.
Hannah enjoying drinking some of the cool water.
Then what started out as just kicking the ball to one another turned into a mini soccer match. But it only lasted a couple of minutes as we did not want Ruth running around.
I bought a roast chicken on the way home which we enjoyed for dinner. Ruth just loves eating outside, so this was her requested eating spot.
Can you see what I see? Down on the right bottom corner?

The girls enjoyed watching a couple of butterflies flying around the garden this afternoon. This one was happy to pose for a couple of photos too.
The girls asked to bath quite early this afternoon. And with Hannah wanting to bath again we won't say no. So we had a bit of extra time to kill this evening so I thought it would be a good idea to get our pasta painted for our art project. We can stick them on tomorrow.

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