Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Dentist x 3

We are so thankful that we could stay over at the Pollards last night. Early this morning Rachel and I headed out to get all the shopping done and then get her to her dentist appointment at 10. This was just the first appointment - meeting the dentist, getting to see the room (and the DVD screen on the ceiling that the assistant is just setting up for her to watch), getting x-rays done and checking what needs to get done in her mouth. Rachel had not heard properly that she would have a 2nd appointment to get the filling done and so was quite upset when we left and she still had a hole in her tooth. Her 2nd appointment is 14th December - but perhaps we will get in on a cancelled appointment before then.
We then collected the family and headed to another dentist for Brendon and I. I was first and felt frustrated to have to pay so much to just hear "your teeth are fine, you can make an appointment with the dental hygienist to get them cleaned". And that would be another $80 - forget it! But after Brendon's appointment I felt a bit better. I am glad he had x-rays done because of the 3 filings that he needs done, one is under an old filling (and he has not had any pain from them). So he has another appointment for next week and that will really cost a huge amount of money. We understand now why so many New Zealanders have missing teeth. It's just so much cheaper to have the tooth pulled than to get a filling. :(

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