Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Paint, pain, puzzle and picture

Today we started adding some leaves to our tree. Just small ones using potato stamps.
Rachel slipped at Ballet this afternoon and hurt the same foot as last time. But I think it was only a bump along the side and I am sure it will be fine in the morning. She did put it in cold water to help (and she made sure an Asterix and Obelix was near at hand to keep her occupied).
They are working on the dances for the end of year concert and Rachel is really enjoying them.

Hannah has been absorbed with feeding the dolls in this high chair today. So it even came to the table and as soon as she was done eating she made sure teddy got some food to.

Ruth's biggest puzzle so far. 100 pieces. She finally finished it today because I offered to stand with her and "help" her. She had worked on it over the last 3 days, completing the frame and Goofy. My help today were comments like "why don't you do Donald Duck now" or "why don't you finish Minnie Mouse". I think she just enjoys the company.
Hannah found a new chair this evening. :D
Rachel had a boy's birthday card to make and she was not sure what to do for a boy. So she decided to just draw a picture. I was really impressed as she does not draw often.

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