Monday, October 19, 2009

Egg, ice and inspiration

I managed to get three loads of washing done this morning and on one of my walks back from the line I found this egg on the lawn. Ruth has been learning about eggs so it was great for her to see a different size and colour to normal. Unfortunately Hannah was not gentle and crushed it in her hand as soon as she had her turn. It was already empty - so thankfully there was no mess. Just no pretty egg to show Dad.
The younger two headed outside quite early this morning and although the sun was shining the wind was still a bit chilly. There was a frost again this morning and my poor tomato plant is NOT looking good at all.
Ruth came over to me saying "I found some glass". I quickly saw that it was ice. So we had fun talking about how ice is formed and she and Hannah had fun collecting some more (and eating some of it too).
Watching a piece melt on the garden chair.
And what a lovely day to get our painting done outside. First we did the sky with a sponge. Then the grass was done with grass. Spring is such a lovely time of year. There is so much inspiration for our crafts.
So we did quite a bit today. The girls helped with the tree a little and then headed off to finish creating their mud pies. We will be adding leaves to our tree through this week. It's been really fun to use these craft activities to help encourage Ruth to see what is happening around us. What a blessing to hear her pray "thank you for spring and all the things we can see".

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