Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Ruth and Hannah doing "Here we go around the mulberry bush". Hannah things this is SOOOO much fun.

The friends that came for lunch yesterday brought some oranges for us. That made me think about the orange cake recipe I have not used in so many years. So it was baking time again today. I also thought a batch of Nigella's Totally Chocolate Choc Chip Cookies where well overdo for Brendon. The recipe has almost 1/2 kg of chocolate in. And this time they were slightly smaller, so there were 20 cookies in total. I only cooked 6 today and the rest (the above) went into the freezer for another week.

His and her flavours. Although Brendon is enjoying the orange cake too - the biscuits are only for him though. He chooses to eat only one every day. I am so glad I could surprise him with these today. He really enjoys them and sees it as a very special treat.

I then got a huge pot of Beef Curry made. We had been given a good amount of stewing beef and so it was lovely to actually have Beef in our Beef curry for a change. And that's 4 meals for the freezer. It's time to start stocking up again.

And I got a treat today too. Today Hannah started saying "Mum". The family have been trying to get her to say "Mama" for ages. But as a little kiwi she has decided that Mum it will be. :D Here we are having some fun as she drinks a little, takes the bottle out to say "Mum", gets a lovely response form Mom / Mum (and the rest of the family) and then drinks some more.

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