Monday, August 17, 2009

Left over bacon

Our bit of excitement today was that one of the church families had a pickup to make in our area and so they stopped in for lunch. Rachel was supa quick with her work today in anticipation for their visit. She had a fresh loaf of bread made before they arrived and we had a lovely lunch.
Dinner was also great as I had left over bacon. I used a cream of chicken soup for the sauce and it was quite yummy.
Hannah thought so too. And she did really well with using a fork for the first time.
Then we headed out to squash again. We went last week but where not able to play for more than 20 min because my back got too saw. I have been doing pilates every day since then and it has been feeling so much better. Unfortunately I am not back to normal for squash though as I was not able to run properly this evening. So I will keep up with my pilates and hopefully next week I will be able to have a good run.

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