Friday, July 10, 2009

Party prep and packing

I had an early start this morning with the bees for the party.

And I even got to do the basic icing of the cake through the day which was a great start.

And while the girls were in the bath I finished up the bees. Ruth was so excited when she came through and saw the finished product. The bees are meringues (with yellow food colouring), chocolate strips and eyes and with rice paper wings.
And by 9:30 I had finished the cake. It must have been a record for the earliest finishing time. It was great that I could get the cakes baked early on in the week and I could get the icing started during the day. I really enjoyed thinking it all up and learning as I went. It did not turn out exactly as I had hoped, but I was still very happy with the outcome.
And that was not all that happened today. We also had a man from the church come with his two sons and another boy and they helped move a huge amount of furniture (and the 22 boxes I had packed) over to the new house. So in between all the party prep I also helped them load up and then as soon as rooms were cleared I vacuumed. It's amazing how much dust can get under things in just 2 years (once you find the spot for all the bookshelves they generally just stay were they are).
So the double garage at the new home is full. They took the 22 boxes (mainly books), 6 bookshelves, a chest of draws, 2nd bunk bed, lounge suit, dressing table, tumble dryer, outside furniture, bicycles, BBQ, piano stool, cutting board, sewing cabinet, Rachel's computer desk, big toy boxes and a few other bits and pieces.
They worked so hard and got so much done but it was a long day and they were here from 9am till 5pm. I am so thankful for their help. What a blessing.

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