Thursday, July 9, 2009

Food, fudge and funny

So - the story with the oats is that Rachel would take forever to eat hers and so eventually I said she could just have Weetbix on the days we had oats (she really did not like it). Lately however she has been reading a lot of biographies and has for the first time really understood what it's like for children who have NO FOOD. Understanding for the first time (although we have mentioned it before) that there are children who would LOVE to eat oats even if they hated the taste just because the are so hungry. So this week she said she would try the oats again. I suggested we put some cinnamon in (she loves cinnamon) and WOW - Rachel likes oats now. She has even been making it for us this week. So yes - it's worth a photo. :-)
Today I made the fudge for Saturday's party. Ruth is doing a lot better and I am sure she will be fine for Saturday. The theme for the party is Winnie the Pooh and what goes better with that than honey and bees. So this is the honey comb shaped fudge. Rachel was so impressed she wanted a photo taken. :-)
Hannah keeps us laughing. She has discovered this hat and LOVES it. She puts it on and walks around with it over her eyes (and sometime on properly). That mouth is not a cry or scream though - it's a laugh. Imagine a very loud HA HA HA
You are so funny little girl and you keep us all smiling.
And she had looked up at me previously (peeping from under the hat) and looked so very cute. She would not do it again for the camera though. So sorry, no eyes for you this time.

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