Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Our first NorWester

Another amazing start to the day!!! What a blessing!!!
This is the view and the colour out the study window (at 7:40am)...
and this is out the library window (opposite the study) at the same time.
And no - those are not flying saucers - they are the reflections of the lights on the window.... hehehehe
What a wonderful creation God has made and we are so grateful for the enjoyment we can have of it in this new home.
11:45 and we were bundled up and outside to see how the fence was finished up (you can see the wind in my hair and the fact that Richard even has a jacket on today - quite a change from yesterday). The girls also love their dog.....
I am glad they waited till we were in because I got to learn about how it was done.
There was a little bit of cloud about but we decided to have a quick walk down the "new" driveway before lunch (that's the house in the background and this is only around 1/4 of the drive). So we got to experience the NorWester for the first time. I write it like that because that's how the kiwi's say it - but they are talking about the wind from the North West. It can be incredibly strong and it was almost impossible for me to push the pram. Brendon told us that it was not even that bad today. So we have more to experience as the months go on.
The temperature in the bedroom at lunchtime.
What a blessing to not have to worry about putting the little ones down for a nap in a cold bedroom. We don't even have to use the electric blanket to warm Ruth's bed. We are so thankful.
We dropped Rachel off at Ballet and one of the other Mum's offered to drop her off at home afterwards so that I could get the little two back home (they are still coughing). It started raining and so the little two got to enjoy watching the rain - something they could not do like this from any windows in the previous house. So it may sound silly, but I so thankful too for the sliding door and how even though we may be inside for a lot of the time through winter, the girls can still enjoy watching God's creation.
Rachel was very excited when she got home to show us her certificate from her last exam as well as the badges she got. One that she can wear (and already has on) and the other stuck on ready to be accompanied by the following grades badges. She also told us that when she has done all 5 grades she gets a big trophy. So she does plan to keep on with her Ballet for a few more years. :-)
The temperature in the bedroom at 5pm. We can only laugh when we see this. We had been used to it never getting above 10.
The girls normally have a ride with Dad when he gets home, so he came to the house to pick them up and then went to park his ute (utility vehicle - SA Bakkie) in the shed that is available. It started raining a bit so that made a quick dash back to the house. The girls get so excited when Dad gets home and I think they will like the fact that they have a longer ride with each day.
And before we went to bed at 10m the temperature was already this high. And I have not had the fire going at it's fullest. We feel so very blessed.
With that temperature you can understand why Ruth was lying like this..... :-) What a blessing to have a warm home for these girls.

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