Monday, July 20, 2009

More blessings and new friends

What a start to the day!!!!!
It was good to get washing done this morning. The line is nice and close to the house, can take 2 full loads and gets nice sun.
My desk is too big to come up stairs, so I am using Rachel's computer desk and we will have to look at getting another one.
It did not take Rachel long to make friends with the owner of the property and his son Richard. Richard was putting up the fence along the front of the property today. They had left it until after we moved in so that the vehicles could drive right up to the sliding doors.
Richard is really friendly and was more than happy to have Rachel watching, asking questions and just chatting away. You can also see what a lovely day it has been - Richard is in short sleeves. Too cold for us to be dressing like that - but we have really had 3 wonderfully clear and still days and we thank the Lord for that. It made the move so much easier.
The temperature at 5pm in our bedroom. What an amazing blessing.
Dad had gone to the old house after work to give the keys to the landlords. So once the little two were up I brought them out to meet Richard....
and for me to see a bit more of how they put the fence up.
Brendon came home with a surprise. Our previous landlords had phoned and asked if we would like any of the furniture that was in the old house (when they bought the house these things were already there). So I had said we would really find these two chest of draws helpful (with all our school supplies needing to find a space) and asked if they would be willing to sell the dishwasher (as they had not even been sure if it was working when we moved in) and said that if they could let Brendon know how much they wanted when he came with the keys.
Well, Brendon came home with both of these as well as the dishwasher and they had insisted on giving us all three for free.
WOW!!! God is so good!!!!
We have not been able to get the dishwasher up and running yet as we need to get a new pipe. But we feel so very blessed.
Hannah has been really good about learning to not go near the fireplace and not go up the stairs. She is allowed to sit on the bottom step though - so she enjoys sitting there with a book.
You are so cute.
And Hannah also wanted to do her share of cleaning. :-)

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