Saturday, June 13, 2009

School desk and chair fun

Hannah thinks she is so clever now that she can climb up onto Rachel's school chair. She just loves sitting here.
But she has found other uses for the chair too. She pushes it over to the counter, climbs up and stands, ready to be a big girl. I am not going to encourage her to do it again just to get a photo, she has done it enough and is having to learn that it is NOT allowed. I can see her spending a lot of time in the tower at the counter though. She wants to be busy with everyone else.
And another use for the table that she has found is to roll or throw balls across. She so loves balls and will often throw or kick any ball she can find. When she throws over the table it amazes me that they are almost all straight across. And she is starting to learn the idea of catching because as the ball is rolled back to her she is able to pick it up on the roll.
And she is not getting her love of balls from her sisters. I think the older two have played more with balls over the last few months because of Hannah. :D

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