Friday, May 1, 2009

Science Alive

Today we spent a few hours at "Science Alive" on our trip to town. They have a section that is specifically for children up to the age of 7 complete with slide. They also have a turtle in a tank and lots of interesting experiments and puzzles.

Also in this section is their bee hive. There is a pipe that links the bees to the outside and so they come "indoors" to their hive. Rachel enjoying asking some questions and searching for the queen (which is marked but could not be found). There must be thousands of bees in this hive. It was fascinating.

Hannah enjoying walking over the low table with all the puzzles.
There is so much to look at and so many fun things to do. You could spend hours and hours here and still not get to do it all.

There were a number of school groups there when we arrived so we decided to head over the road to burger king for lunch - the afternoon would be a lot quieter at Science Alive.

Hannah LOVES the play area and did not want to even sit long enough to eat - she just wanted to get back there.
After lunch we did the few errands we had in town (thankfully that side of town) and one of the shopping stops. During this time Ruth and Hannah had a good sleep. Then I dropped the rest of the family off and went to do the grocery shopping.
When I got back I found the family downstairs. There is just so much to see. The theme at the moment was "botany" and so there was this huge flower that could be taken apart. Here Ruth is just finishing putting it back together.
As well as a big bee to take apart and re-build.

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