Friday, May 1, 2009

Science Alive

We all had a go at balancing. Ruth did really well but Rachel was the winner. It timed you and eventually after a minute we said she should stop and get to enjoy something else. There was just so much to do. You can see a bit of the mini golf behind Ruth - it had a whole lot of things to learn with it too.

Dad and Rachel had a go at a 10 meter dash.

We all had a go on the tight rope. You can see Ruth in the background testing her "reaction time" by pushing the correct colour button to the light that shines. So for her it was more of a colour learning time.
Family fun in the triangle of mirrors.

Rachel did not believe us when we said "do you want to see your voice?" So she had a lot of fun with this.
There were just so many fun things to try and so much to learn. Definitely a place Rachel would like to visit again.
Ruth playing on the harp with no strings. It plays in all different instruments too. Rachel had fun putting all her weight on the handle to try and lift the 50kg (without success), put when she pulled the handle out all the way she was able to lift it with no problem.
Dad, Mom and Rachel had a go in the human gyroscope. Rachel was not allowed to go completely upside down as her legs were not long enough and so she had to sit cross legged. She still had a ball though and will definitely be on there again the next time we go.
While we were spinning around and upside down Hannah enjoyed spinning round and round. Rachel also had a VERY fast spin. Yes, that red blurr is Rachel. And the closer you brought your body to the poll the faster you spun.
Dad and Mom went on the vertical slide. It was incredibly scary to just drop off the ledge and drop. I got a bit more speed than Brendon (21km/hour) as I was free falling and he said he could feel he was touching all the way.
Rachel enjoyed the climbing wall and on the way home we go the older girls a ice-cream cone. Ruth has been on a gluten free diet for a while and so today we decided for a spoil we would let her have one. So this was her first every cone. It was so funny when she had eaten all the top ice-cream and only had the cone left - she wanted to know what to do next. The idea of eating the cone was very new to her. :-)

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