Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday Morning Snow

The weather forecast had said that it would probably start snowing in our area around midnight. Rachel was up bright and early to have a look at the lawn. And although there had not been a big dumping, there was enough to make the grass white. Rachel was very excited though as within half an hour it started to snow.

It did not take Rachel long to get outside in the snow and Hannah was very excited about joining her. She really enjoyed walking through it. (sorry - no sound - Rachel's camera does not seem to record sound). Ruth was still in bed sleeping. Rachel wanted to wake her but we were sure there would be plenty of time for Ruth to enjoy it too.

Within 15 minutes Ruth was up and enjoying the snow with Rachel.

Rachel had made Ruth a HUGE "ice lolly" which she is coming to show me.

And 15 minutes later, inside warming up those cold hands.

After morning tea (close to 11am) we all headed out again. By the time Dad got here with the camera Hannah was feeling a bit sorry for herself. But after a few minutes in my arms she calmed down (perhaps her feet were just getting a little cold).

So while Hannah got some love Rachel and Ruth made some snow angels.

And Dad gave us a ruler to check the depth. At this point already 7cm had fallen. (You can see the pink ruler that Ruth is holding)
Then it was time for some snow ball fights. Hannah just watched and must have thought this was very strange. You can see my big one just about to hit Rachel. And if you enlarge the photo you will see that I just had one hit me in the stomach.

And Rachel's hitting Ruth. Ruth also managed to send a few flying.

Some "action" for you to see.
Then it was time for a few more "ice lollies" and then inside to warm up.
It snowed on and off the whole day and it was again so beautiful to watch. We are so thankful for such a wonderful day.

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