Sunday, May 24, 2009

Ruth says....

This morning we visited a church where the number of children per family ranges from 5 to 9. So as you can imagine, there we just SO many children for the girls to play with. They had a great time. At one point Ruth was playing with a little girl who was probably only 18 months old. Brendon heard Ruth say
"You be the daughter and I will be the Mom"
And this from a little girl who is not even 3 herself. :D

Ruth brings me many smiles from the precious things she says and I realize if I don't write some of them down I will forget. So here are some of them.
Hannah has started wanting to help me hang up the washing (we hang it on a clothes horse that we hoist up above the fireplace). Ruth helps me in taking the items from Hannah and passing them to me (as Hannah sometimes goes a bit too quickly or drops items on the floor). During this time I often hear Ruth say
"Thank you Hannah, you are a good helper."

And Hannah will often come up to Ruth and give her a big hug. Then you will hear Ruth say
"Thank you Hannah, that was a lovely big hug."

If Ruth does not like something that she is eating she will say
"I don't love this."
And along with that, if she wants Brendon to feed her she will say
"You love to feed me."

She is also very observant and if I have something on that she has not seen before she will often say
"That's a lovely shirt Mom"
And I just bought her some merino wool shirts and so I have often heard her say
"Thank you so much for my shirts."
And in general she will comment on people's clothing. I have picked up a few items of Rachel's and mine that she is almost guaranteed to make a comment on. She also has a few of her own tops that are her favorite and I am glad that her new tops have made it into that category as well.

One of the things that I hear very often is
"I want to do it on my own"
And we do have a very independent little girl. She dresses and undresses, gets herself in and out of the bath and so many other things. She helps with anything she can around the house and is often very disappointed if I don't let her help with something. She will bring a cloth for Hannah or clean up something that messed on the floor without anyone even saying anything about it. This precious little girl brings us so much happiness. We really thank the Lord for her.

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