Saturday, March 14, 2009

Guide Biscuits

Today Rachel joined the Brownies for the day. They traveled up to Hamner Springs (about an hour further inland and North) to sell Guide biscuits at the market. They managed to sell almost 14 boxes which was excellent. It was a very long day for her (leaving before 9 and only back close to 6) but after the market they headed to the thermal pools and although Rachel could not "swim" she still enjoyed the water and fun pool.
When traveling with the Brownies Rachel often does not know what to talk about as most often it is after school and they all talk "school". So for today we had "planned ahead" and Rachel started up a discussion of what she had seen on our holiday. Apparently she did not have to even mention all that much and it got them chatting away. So it was nice for her to figure out how to get them talking about something that she knows something about.

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