Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tummy & bowls

Rachel had a sore stomach today and so after lunch decided to spend some time in bed. She had already been in bed a bit during the morning and so I said she could read something. Well, that was a BIG mistake. She spent the whole afternoon reading. :-)
We had been asked to help out at the yearly bowls tournament that they have to try and encourage people to join the bowls club. They play every week on a Tuesday for around 12 weeks but often have players who can't make it. The chairman of the bowling club works at the farm with Brendon and so often asks us to help out when they are short on players. We helped out last year and so it was nice for some of the people to get to meat Hannah (she was still a big bump on my tummy last year this time).

Although we did not win our game we did win 4 of the 8 ends. I even managed to win 2 of those 4 and both Brendon and I touched the kitty on one of our shots (we got so close to the white ball that we touched it). BUT Brendon had the best "shot" of the day. Before they start they have a "closest to the ditch" competition and Brendon's ball was closest so he won a BIG slab of chocolate. Well done Brendon.
It was a bit busy at first with the younger two but eventually two older ladies asked if they could watch them for me. That made it a lot easier to concentrate on the game. :-)

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