Sunday, January 11, 2009

Hair and puzzles

Well, it was time for Ruth's hair to be done again. She was actually asking for it to be done. So although it was only 5 weeks ago that it was done, it is obviously the right time for her.
She will often be heard saying "bring the camera Mom". So here is one of those photos.
Ruth has really been enjoying puzzles lately. Here she is working on a 24 peace puzzle. Mom did not put any in, I just gave her instructions like "find all the peaces with straight sides" and then helped her sort them. "Where is a peace with grass", "look he needs the rest of his face, where is the rest of his face?" She did really well. She did the outside first and I was really impressed that she could see where the straight side of the peace was and could match it with the side of the puzzle.
When combed out her hair is REALLY long.
Flat plaits on the top for a change. I did individual plaits on the back though as it was to hard to try get these ones to go all the way down.

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