Sunday, January 4, 2009

Madagascar 2 & tooth

Rachel finally got to take Dad to the movies with the free tickets that she won in September. The last time they had a date booked Dad got sick. So it was really great that they got to go today. Rachel "bought" the tickets with her voucher and was given this 2009 calender.

She also had a gift voucher that she used to buy them a cool drink and some chocolates. She decided to buy a packet of smaller chocolates so that she could give to the rest of us when they got back. Again we were blessed by the Pollard's hospitality and so we stayed with them through the afternoon and evening (we only left town around 8:30).
While Rachel was having a chocolate this evening she was chewing away at the thick caramel and then got this funny look on her face. I immediately said "is a tooth out" and she nodded and took it out of her mouth. It's the one one the right next to the BIG tooth. She actually also needs the opposite one to come out too. The other big tooth is pushing a bit in front of it at the moment. Once Brendon and Rachel were back from the movies I went off to get some shopping done. When you shop for over a month it can take quite long. I was out for 2 hours. It is the first time I have ever had a trolley that was so full it was literally overflowing. Another advantage though is that the shop I went to doesn't put the groceries into packets, so you can pack a trolley a lot better that way. I then packed the goods directly into big boxes I had in the car.
Thankfully Hannah slept while I was out and woke for a feed as soon as I got back (the comment was that she probably heard me). It was a long and mixed up day for the two younger girls (with no normal naps) but it was a good day and we all enjoyed it.

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