Thursday, January 8, 2009

Goodbye Lilly, books and ironing

Bob and Lynn are back from holiday. Rachel kept Lilly for a few extra days, but Bob has said he will come and fetch her as he needs the gates. So the girls have to say goodbye.
You can see she had a nice big area.
The girls will miss her.
Hannah is so enjoying books.
She was given this lovely animal book that has nice soft edges to the pages.
Today I asked Rachel if she wanted to learn to iron. She was so excited. She ironed 5 of Dad's shirts and he was so very surprised when she showed him. She did a good job and enjoyed having Mom read to her while she ironed. There really is not a lot of ironing in this home (there never has been). So the pile of 7 shirts has built up over 7 months. But Rachel says she loves ironing so much that she will iron even if there is just one shirt to do.

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