Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas morning

The girls were excited to see all the presents this morning.
The $2 store also made it possible for mom to have some nice wrapping paper to make it look pretty too.

Rachel did not have any special requests for Christmas and so she was very excited about all her presents. Here she is looking through the stack of 21 Pony Pal books that I bought for her. They are second hand off Trade Me but the previous owner really looked after them.
Rachel also decided to give her ball (a children's gym ball with handles) to Ruth as she has been enjoying it so much. So we got Rachel her own big gym ball. She was so surprised.
She was also VERY excited to open the two skirts that I had fixed for her. She has been given a lot of clothes from friends but many items are still way too big. These two skirts were so very pretty but also far to big. So I put more elastic in the waist for her and she was so thrilled to be able to wear a new skirt on Christmas.

All Ruth had wanted for Christmas was a skipping rope (because of Rachel practicing her skipping for her ballet concert). So she got that and a few other presents. She had so much fun opening them all. The rocking horse was opened last and that was a good thing because all the other presents had been looked at and put down.

This one was to be played with RIGHT NOW.

She loves it.
And is more than willing to give her little sister a turn too. She will let Hannah ride for a bit and then say "my turn".
Thank you Ruth. You are a very kind big sister.
Ruth was also our Red Nosed Reindeer. She loves dress up clothes, and so we thought we would add to the supply.

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