Monday, November 24, 2008

The trip home

With our traveling not going as well as we had hoped on our way up, we decided to change our ferry ticket to later on Monday morning (rather than very early on Tuesday). So we headed back to the Fullers in Palmerston North for Sunday night. We left Ohakuni around 8 pm so that the girls could sleep on that part of the trip (which they did) and we left again from their at 7:30 on Monday morning. This worked well as we all got a good nights sleep.
You have to check your vehicle in an hour before the ferry leaves. Ruth was sleeping in the car and Rachel got to see some muscles on the rocks (which she was thrilled about).
We only got off the ferry just before 2pm and only then did Hannah get to sleep. So it was a long morning with her not having a nap at all. But it went well.
The girls really enjoyed seeing another ferry.
This trip went really well. The motion sickness tablets worked really very well and Brendon felt fine. I struggled with a bit of a headache and eventually realized (thanks to my wonderful husband) that it was due to the stuffiness inside. So I spent a lot of the trip on the side deck. There was a nice sheltered area with a bench, so Hannah and I sat there and enjoyed the fresh air and scenery without even the smallest bit of wind.
This was how beautiful the drive back was. We missed this on our way up due to the fog. It was breathtaking. The road is just off the sea. This photo was taken from the car. I took so many photos. It was just so very beautiful.
When we got home we were welcomed by HEAT. Hannah slept in a short sleeve vest for the first time and the poor garden was so very dry. In just 10 days it had gone from a lush green (with the grass growing so very quickly) to all brown.
So summer has arrived.

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