Sunday, November 23, 2008

Lake Taupo

On our way to Lake Taupo we got to see the other side of Mount Ruapehu.
As well as the two other volcanic mountains behind it.
We stopped at a scenic spot to have a look at the lake. Unfortunately it was overcast, but it did look really beautiful (the photo does not do justice to how pretty it was).
It was lovely to get to see these swans with their cygnets. Rachel said they look so cute (not ugly ducklings at all).
Then it was time to play in the water. Rachel's face looks like she is crying, but she was actually having a great time.
As the children got near the water this swan decided to make a dash over to see what they were up to. Thankfully with a shout I managed to warn them that it was coming. It looked so aggressive. But decided to leave them alone.
Enjoying some sun while the children enjoy the water.
It was funny that we had identical cars (at least from the outside). Good taste.
On our way home we came around the other side of Mount Ruapehu and traveled on the "desert highway". You can see why it's called that. Nothing much grows here. There is no farming. It is said that the Mountain lies in a "desert of it's own making" as the gasses from the volcano come down this side. Even now it looked as though there had been some recent activity as there was a discoloured section of snow.
It was also amazing to drive almost around a corner and be again surrounded by lush green countryside and lovely green forests.
Another great experience.

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