Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Not clever

I was really thankful to the girls for letting me sleep in late this morning. I then got stuck into updating our finances. Something I have not gotten to for 4 months!!! Those first 12 weeks of the pregnancy really knocked me and I am now slowly finding my feet again. I had a break over lunch and then went right back to it. When I was eventually done and dinner needed preparation my back just went into spasm and I was so sore. I was really unwise about sitting in one position for so many hours. When I work with Ruth's hair I am aware of keeping my shoulders relaxed and keeping her and myself as comfortable as possible (she will change from being on 4 stacking chairs down to 1 depending on where I am working on her head). I also think the up and down while doing her hair also keeps my back from getting too sore. I would sit and be eye level with her head when I made the lines and separated the next bit of hair but then I would stand to do the braiding. I am sure the many hours of braiding over the last week have added to it - but I am suffering now. :( This all made me extra grateful when Rachel said she will make dinner. I had planned Babotie and she always enjoys tasting the meat before adding the different ingredients (before the curry, pepper and then salt). So this time I had no choice (with my sore back) but to leave her to it. The only help I really gave was putting the mixture into the oven dish and then into the oven. What a blessing she has been to me today. And then after dinner I enjoyed a nice long hot candle lit bath.

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