Friday, November 2, 2018

Pool, doc, lights, camp and fireworks

Thursday 25th: It was the last day for someone on the farm that Rachel works with, so she decided to do another trial of the 2nd biggest cake for the wedding cake she is doing in Feb. It looks beautiful. I love the piping work on the top. Rachel had thought the last trial was a bit dry. Today she realized that we are always comparing to our lovely moist chocolate cakes - so it's not a fair comparison. This one is more light and airy - and its what the bride has requested. So at least Rachel feel more confident about it now.
BELOW: On our way home from town on Thursday. I had to take this photo of Anastasia. She is so funny and often holds her car seat (often with both hands). Her latest trick is getting her leg up above the seat belt. So I thought this was a good photo record of her antics. :-)
Friday 26th: Athletics during the day (separate post) and then we were split for the evening. Hannah, Hezekiah and Anastasia headed to the church movie night with Brendon and I, while Rachel stayed home with Asher, and Ruth went to Youth Group. It was a Marvel movie this month and Ruth doesn't like Marvel movies. Rachel's reason for not wanting to watch was that there are other movies she needs to watch first to watch this next one in order. I love how unique we all are.
BELOW: Saturday 27th: Ruth, Hannah and Hezekiah headed up to help clean the pool today. Hannah wasn't keen on getting her feet in the dirty water when they started, so she headed home early. Well done team.

The only time Anastasia is actually in the Excer saucer anymore is when Dad's doing the BBQ. It keeps her in one spot and she enjoys being outside. They had some fun hitting sticks together today (she sees that often with Asher and her music sticks).
Anastasia decided she wanted them both though. Such a cutie.

Monday 29th: Hezekiah has had stomach ache for over a week now (with no other symptoms), so we headed down to the doctor this afternoon. In the past he has gotten cramps from eating wheat, but over the last months it's been much better and so he has had a few extra wheat items every now and again (like biscuits at church or a piece of bread at a sausage sizzle).
I did some research though and in order to know if he is coeliac, he would need to be eating a good amount of wheat every day for 4 weeks. The doctor agreed that this was a good step in the process of finding out what is going on.
She did acknowledge that it could just be a wheat intolerance - giving all the same symptoms as coeliac disease. But if he is indeed coeliac, it would be good to know so that we can handle it correctly.
So we have a blood form to do blood tests in 4 weeks time, once he has had enough wheat in his system for long enough. My hope is that the pain does not become too much for him. It's going to be a very hard month.
I love the blue potato man he made while we waited for the appointment.
Wednesday 31st: There were two light parties on today run by different churches. A lovely "non-scary" alternative to a Halloween party. So much fun for the children.
The first one was in Waikari and so I took Ruth, Hannah and Hezekiah down at 4:30. I didn't get a photo of Hannah unfortunately as she was very quickly off with friends. She was dressed as a very bright pink and black coloured fairy (her Jazz concert outfit). Hezekiah had a batman mask, but decided not to wear it. They had a great time with all the friends and activities that were on.
Rachel had offered to take them down to the Amberley light party too. Only Hannah and Hezekiah wanted to go to that one, so they headed off to that (as it only ended at 8:30). And I collected Ruth from Waikari when that one finished at 6:30.
Rachel forgot to get a photo of Hannah's outfit, but did get one of them in the floating bumper cars. :-)
So nice having a bit sister with a full licence to be able to take you to special events. :-)
Thursday 1st November: Asher having a little chat to Anakin. So sweet.

I couldn't get a children's photo this afternoon because by the time Anastasia was up from her nap, Ruth had headed out to a meeting at the Hurunui Council. She is applying to be a representative from her school with the Hurunui Youth Council. Again handy for us that Rachel could take her down.
Brendon and I had such a laugh this evening as Anastasia decided to examine how the toys on the Excer-saucer worked. She spend ages looking underneath the rim.
And she had a go at seeing if she could undo them too. Such concentration with that little tongue out.

Friday 2nd: I made sure I got the children photo this afternoon before Ruth headed off on a Guide Camp. The first 24 hours of the camp is a camp run by her for 3 other girls. She had done all the planning, paperwork and budgeting ect. 2 other girls had their "mini camps" at the same time and then they joined up on Saturday afternoon.
If you click on the photo to see it larger, you will notice the snow capped mountains in the background. Typical NZ spring weather. Thankfully it stayed dry for them.
I heard on Sunday that they just didn't manage to get this tent up as it was too windy. So they put it up inside the wool shed. It was a good call, as the one tent that did get up, ended up almost blowing over in the night and they had to move into the woolshed in the middle of the night.
When I got back from dropping Ruth off I had to smile at these two playing next to each other. They had the same app open. And they both kept looking at what the other one was doing. :-)

Anastasia has been enjoying taking a few steps this week. Falling down is a part of the process. Normally it's straight onto her bottom, but at least she was on the soft carpet when she chose to face plant. Tough girl though, so she can just get up and go again.
As Rachel is at a formal tomorrow night when the Waiau fireworks are on, she suggested taking Hannah and Hezekiah to the Waipara ones tonight. There is always a big bonfire at this one - so that was fun.
Rachel forgot to take some photos before it got dark, but I think this is still a special one.
The display is not as big as the Waiau one, but it was still a great evening out.
Hannah got a clip with fibre optic strands.

And Hezekiah got some flashing glasses.

Thanks for taking them Rachel. Special memories made.

Friday, October 26, 2018

Athletics 2018

It was great to be able to watch the children with their athletics today.
Hezekiah did really well on his high jump and came 2nd. He was struggling with his stomach being sore a lot today, so he did really well to get everything done despite his pain.
Asher did well in her ball throw, but as I was standing with her and her teacher aide was standing in the place where she needed to throw too, we didn't manage to get a photo. The first throw wasn't great, but then she understood and gave two nice big throws. Thankfully they let the younger children just throw all 3 balls at once - rather than taking turns as they do with discus and javelin with the older children. So that worked well for her, and then she was back in her buggy (her comfort spot).
Hezekiah giving it his all in his first race.
Ruth pushing herself too. She has some fast girls in her class, and they are all quite a bit older. So she does really well with those skinny legs.

Hannah putting loads of effort in at the end.

BELOW: Ruth in a longer race.
To explain her blue tutu - she is in the blue house and they are allowed to wear house colours. There are always a couple of banana outfits for the yellow house. Ruth has actually said that she wants to go to the cheap shop and get a few more fun blue things to wear for future events. Her tutu is getting a bit boring now. :-)

We got to watch Hannah's class with their high jump. Ruth's class had already done their high jump and long jump earlier in the week - so we only got to see her running events today.
Hannah did really well. It always frustrated us that they have to do scissor jumps and not proper high jump style. If they land on their back too many times, they even get disqualified. So I'm always impressed with how well they do.
A better timed photo (and better focus). Great job Hannah.

We didn't go over to the school to watch Asher with long jump as we were not even sure if she would do anything but step off the marker into the sand. A friend was there though and she said she did really well. Her teacher aide supporting her so well - and Asher enjoying the sand on her feet as she left the pit.

BELOW: Another race for Hezekiah after lunch.

With Asher's first race this morning I ran with her and Brendon was at the finish line, calling her. She did end up walking most of it.
This photo is from her 2nd race. She did so much better. She skipped all the way down to us, with Rachiel just following behind (she had to hold her at the start until it was time to go).
It was great to see her understanding a bit more of what was going on. They have practiced over the last few weeks, but it's totally different on the day with all the other classes there and all the spectators. I had wished I had taken a video as it was so sweet. I didn't even know she could skip.

BELOW: Ruth's sprint.

And then it was time for the inter-house relay.
A nice one of Hezekiah and then the video below of Asher. She was happy to have one of the older girls help show her which way to run. She actually ran this time too. Dad was at the finish line, trying to keep her understanding where to go. She did really well with how loud it was with this race and that there were just so many people around.
It was a lovely day and we were so pleased we could be there to support them all.

I just found some more photos on Brendon's phone. So here are a couple more from the day.

Great effort Hezekiah.
Easier without the hat this time.
Great sprint Hannah.
Hannah did well with her discus.
A lovely one of these older girls.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Music Festival 2018

Brendon, Anastasia and I enjoyed a beautiful day in town today. So nice to sit and enjoy the sun.
Anastasia was thrilled when these ducks headed over to us.
She decided to try and touch them, but they kept just that little bit ahead of her.
We had a lovely lunch. What great timing that they had 2 for the price of one on their stone grill today.
We asked for chips for Anastasia within minutes of arriving, so at least she didn't have long to wait before she could start eating. She didn't sleep as long as she normally does in the morning, so I think she was a bit more hungry. She really enjoyed the chips too.
My lower back has been worrying me over the last few days and got progressively worse through the day today. Thankfully I was able to get an appointment with our chiropractor in the afternoon. I was able to walk out a lot more comfortable than when I arrived, and with just one anti-inflammatory tablet, I was feeling so much better the next day.
We managed to meet up with Ruth and Hannah at the mall before they headed to the Horncastle Arena for the show. I forgot to take photos. They both had a really special day with very special friends. Both girls went home with their friends after the show and stayed the night with them, sleeping in a bit in the morning before heading to school. This allowed Brendon and I to just stay in town as we did last year. It's so nice getting into bed so much sooner than having to ride all the way home. So a nice treat for us all.

Brendon just got my phone on in time to get the end of Anastasia's performance as the choir did their warm up. It was adorable. She even had her left hand going up and down as if she was conducting. You will notice that as the children finish their warm up song, she stops singing too. Adorable.

It's always just so lovely to hear so many voices singing together.
It was great to spot Hurunui College on the screen this year. They don't often get on, and this time it was more than just a couple of seconds. :-)
Special memories for them all.

What a happy song, and so much fun getting them all to clap along.

Eye of the Tiger.
Anastasia was sleeping in Brendon's arms during the interval, so I walked around to get some photos of the girls.
It was Hannah's first time and Ruth's last.

Singing with the orchestra.
I always enjoy watching the percussion section of the orchestra.

A lovely one of the orchestra on their own.

So nice to have such well known songs sung.

What a great finale. And he had the audience singing with at the end here too.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

11 months and full licence

Wednesday 17th: I was just too tired to get these photo done before today. 11 months old already.
She has 4 more teeth busy coming through. Loves pulling herself up into a standing position. Is still full of lovely smiles and now enjoys wrinkling her nose up and watching people copy her. :-)
She only put 100g on over the last month, so still a real light weight. She is developing in other ways though, so have to try ignore the scales a bit.
Such a cutie.

A note for Tuesday 16th. Asher had a seizure at school today just after midday. Thankfully a short one again.
Rachel booked to do her full licence as soon as she was able and got the first appointment that she could. That was for this afternoon and we were all thrilled to hear that she passed first time. Well done Rachel. 17 1/2 years old. The youngest you can get your full licence (which includes passing a defensive driving course).
NOTE: This photo was taken the following Wednesday when the actual licence arrived in the post. Nice photo Rachel. :-)
While Rachel was doing her driving test, Brendon was at home with the youngest 3 as I took Hannah to pick up her new glasses. She went for much thinner frames this time and they look really smart. Nice choice Hannah.
Ruth also came with so that she could open a bank account. She is going on a school trip at the end of November and the recommendation is to rather have their spending money on a card as apposed to everyone bringing cash with. So she was excited about getting her first bank card. She is working at saving up as much as she can for spending money, so it's a nice way to also keep the money separate and save up.
I can't remember when this photo was taken (as Ruth took the photo and sent it to me on WhatsApp - so it does not have a date on it).
We were given 6 chooks. So we are thrilled to be collecting eggs again.

Friday 19th: Now that Rachel has her full license, she can take the other children out whenever she wants. So she decided she would start taking them to the tea rooms. Hezekiah got to go first today and she treated him to an ice cream.
Saturday 20th: Ruth has a good idea for a group Christmas present this year - a table tennis table. The only problem is that there is too much stuff in the garage. So we said that if the garage can be cleaned out - then we will have space for one. So she got started today and got a little bit of help from Hannah and Hezekiah. Unfortunately Ruth struggles from hayfever and the dusk was really getting to her. She did manage to sort out quite a bit though.
It always amazes me when I see Asher on a 2 wheel scooter. She does really well for a child who often looks unstable just walking and running.
Monday 22nd: Labour day today, so a nice day at home for everyone. Ruth was thrilled to be able to give Anastasia a bottle today.
Asher spent the day with Rachiel and so it allowed us to get a lot done around the house today, as well as rest.
The children were thrilled to light the fire - but just disappointed that the shop was closed and they couldn't go buy some marshmallows to roast.
Branches are piled up here over the months, and when the weather is good, it all gets burnt. It's good to get it done now before the fire bans come in for summer.
Hannah thrilled to be able to give Anastasia some milk today too. She is not actually drinking all that much yet, as we are still working out the best teat. She is still learning to drink from a bottle, so lots of extra time to practice has been good. This bottle eventually was not used anymore as she was just not getting much milk through it at all.
Tuesday 23rd: Asher had a seizure this afternoon. I think she was running around to get to me and didn't make it. She fell right onto the corner of the bookshelf. It bruised very quickly above her right eye, but can't really be seen on the photo that well. I should have taken a photo a couple of days later - when it was really discoloured. Poor girl. She has had a seizure on Tuesday for 3 weeks in a row now. (NOTE: This was the last one for the month though - so only 3 for the entire month - which is brilliant.)