Saturday, May 4, 2019

Garden work and sports begin

Thursday 25th April: Hannah was pleased to be able to join St John Youth for the Anzac parade in Amberley this year. Looking so smart in her uniform.

Anastasia looking very cute with her red shiny shoes and her hair tied up.
Ruth in her Guide Uniform for Anzac today. And then enjoyed helping us with some gardening. She enjoyed using Dad's tools to form a wall around this bed (so we can get the grass growing up nicely to the side).

And then she loved using Dad's pick to dig out this area. 

It was finished up a couple of days later, but I thought I'd pop the photo in so you can see the end result. It looks really good.
Asher enjoying playing with Anakin and his cat tree (right inside the cat tree).
We have learnt about proprioception and seen how much Asher likes deep pressure on her arms. She also likes big hugs (and squeezes) at times. The lady who has been educating me on these things told me about weighted teddies for children. So I took a dog teddy we had, removed all his stuffing, and replaced it with wheat. She loves him. He is really heavy and gives her lovely pressure when she wants it.
Friday 26th: What stunning colours.

Hezekiah asked me to take a photo of his creation.

Saturday 27th: The children helped in the garden today. It's starting to look a lot more controlled - which Brendon and I both really thankful for.
Anastasia wanted Dad's pizza and was happy to just try get a bite off it. She is happy to try any food that someone else is eating.
Monday 29th: I must get a photo of this area before it's totally changed. I managed to get a free lean too / carport that Brendon got help fetching. So we have most of what we need to create a car port for Rachel on the side of the garage. So the first step is Brendon has to dig big holes for the new posts. And I want to remove all the beautiful bulbs from that bed (as the whole area will be stone).

Wednesday 1st May: Children photo.
And Asher enjoying using all 4 iPads in the house.

Saturday 4th May: Hannah's first day at netball.

She has a number of short games through the morning. I was pleased to be able to get to watch most of them.

And Hezekiah's first day at soccer. Thankfully they were both in Culverden.
So Brendon was with Hezekiah for his games but still had enough time to come over and watch Hannah play too.
Thankfully I was able to pop over and watch a bit of the soccer too. Brendon was asked to get on the field and coach them a bit - which he enjoyed. The team is mostly beginners but they had great fun.
Once sports was done and the children were home, Brendon and I managed to get away for a night for our 22nd anniversary. We are so thankful for the help with watching the other children (including Anastasia) so that we could have some time totally on our own.
We had a lovely dinner out (a real treat).
We stayed at the same bed and breakfast we had previously. They are such a beautiful Christian couple that we always enjoy the big of time fellowshipping with them too.

They had plans in the evening though, and so we got to enjoy special time alone in their amazing spa. It was so good to have the time to chat and just relax.

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