Tuesday, May 3, 2011

260 braids in

Yip - 260 braids done. It was so good to get it finished today. Good for Ruth and good for me. I had an afternoon deadline though as her ballet is at 4pm. Thankfully Brendon was home in time to take the girls and he left Rachel and Ruth there for their lessons and I got to spend at least a little bit of time with him. We had dinner together (with Hannah) and enjoyed Magnum ice creams for desert. I nice treat seeings it is our anniversary today. He then headed off to fetch the girls just before 6 and I headed into town for a Guide meeting. After the meeting I got some grocery shopping done. It amazes me how peaceful it is at 9pm. No children or husband to worry about I can just take my time. I even find it nice and relaxing to do my own check out. I was at pack n save - so had to do my own packing anyway. At least at the self checkout you can take your time to pack as you go.
Ruth and I are so pleased.
I sent a text to Brendon just before 9:30 to let him know I was almost done as I knew he needed to head to bed. It was a long day only getting into bed after 11pm but it was also very productive.

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