Monday, September 14, 2009

Movies and mail

This morning Hannah spotted the play dough and asked to play with it. I was really impressed that after 2 months of no use it was still lovely and soft. Not bad for my first ever home-made batch. With a plastic table cloth on the floor the carpet was safe but they did a great job in keeping it all on the table. I can see this becoming a daily event - and Rachel's new school schedule which started today has made it more possible.
What I noticed when looking at the photo was that Rachel was still in her pajamas. At 9.40!!!! Because she had the cardigan on, I had not noticed.... :-)
Hannah learning to use the rolling pin. She had a great time.

Rachel normally fetches the post but since she hurt her foot I have been doing that job. I had been walking down last week but Brendon fixed a puncture I had over the weekend and so this week I can go down on my bike. It's amazing to me that cycling 1 km can feel so much more tiring than walking it when you are not cycling fit. I look forward to Rachel's foot being healed and the whole family going out for rides. So it's a good opportunity for me to get a little fit.
In the post today was Rachel's new Bible Lessons. She was so very excited. She has been doing weekly Bible Lessons for over a year now. But recently as a "prize" for doing her lessons, she received a book which had the contact details for another group who do lessons through the post. These don't go come every month but rather as you get them done. She got the lesson finished today and will be just excited to get the next one.
Today Rachel and I watched the last of our free month of movies. I checked and we managed to watch 24 movies through the last month. And all free. We have chosen to sign up for 2 movies a month now as it's such a good price and the ease of ordering over the Internet and getting them posted for free, no return date, just return in the fast post envelope they supply. So a nice set up for us country people.
You will remember how much Rachel loved reading A Little Princess and how we watched the movie recently. Well now we got to watch the 1938 production. We really enjoyed it.
Ruth "take a photo Mom"
"I'm the king of the castle"
This evening Hannah pushed the pantry door closed and got her hand caught. She was very brave and let me put "monkey blood" on (Mercurochrome).

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