Saturday, February 23, 2019

Rachel makes a wedding cake

Saturday 16th: Asher managed to get all the iPad's in the house and got the same reading game open on each one. So 18 different words to match pictures to.
Sunday 17th: This afternoon Ruth decided to make her own face mask. She is so interested in beauty products. No idea where she gets that from (definately NOT from me).
She is so into fashion too. She was sorting through some clothes and found this skirt. She insisted I try it on. She said it made me look really modern. :-)
Monday 18th: Little Anastasia hasn't been feeling great and has a fever. She enjoyed having a cool cloth on her head. She looks really happy in the photo (she does like smiling for photos) but she spent a lot of the day just lying on me and getting extra sleep.
Tuesday 19th: Sister fun.
Wednesday 20th: Flower creation in full swing for the upcoming wedding on Saturday.
Rachel is making the wedding cake for a dear friend as a wedding gift. She is much braver than me.
Thursday 21st: Enjoying some time outside in the shade with Asher. She is still not 100%, and didn't even want to smile for the camera today.
Rachel did the ganache coat on the cakes today. Dark and milk chocolate on the chocolate cakes, and white chocolate on the sponge cakes.
Friday 22nd: Today was butter icing day (although the proper name for it is Swiss Meringue Buttercream). They look so good. The hardest part is going to be getting them on top of each other at the venue tomorrow.
Hannah sharing at assembly with her class.
What a funny face Hannah. :-)
Saturday 23rd: Wedding day. Thankfully we had a carer watch Asher and Anastasia so that they could stay home. Anastasia's fever is finally down and she is feeling much better. A rash started today though. The photo doesn't really show it. So it's obviously not that bad.
More visible on her body, but still not that easy to see on a photo. I even called the medical center as I was wondering if it could be measles (and it's a notifiable disease). They were not at all worried though. The doctor felt it was just a viral infection and because she is feeling better, there is nothing more we need to be doing.
I traveled in early with Rachel to help with the cake. They all made it there safely and Rachel did a great job of getting them stacked up. It's very hard working with butter cream covered cakes. They weren't all perfectly in the middle, but I think she did wonderfully well.

And then she added all the final touches. Well done Rachel. It was beautiful.

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