Friday, November 23, 2018

Soccer, cards and tough kids

Sat 17: A different kind of massage for Dad this afternoon. :-)
Playing drums this afternoon. Friends gave us these two drums and Anastasia just loves this big one. I can give her the drum stick and say "go bang on the drum" and off she goes (it normally sits in the corner). So sweet.
Ruth bought and painted these for Rachel for Christmas.

Below: . Hezekiah had some soccer practice with Dad this afternoon. It was nice that the girls went out to join them. Made some of the exercises a lot more fun.

Practicing his dribbling. Hezekiah has very high standards for himself and is frustrated that he is not instantly good at it all. It was good to see him go out and practice on his own over the next couple of days.
Anastasia discovered that she can push these soft balls through this part of the bead chaser. It was so much fun to watch her.

Sunday 18th: Ruth tickeling Anastasia. So much fun.
Monday 19th:I made a good start on our Christmas card / decorations today. We ended up doing just short of 300 of them.
I made some thick stencils for the star and then realized I needed a handle on them, so glued some rocks on the top of the stencils so that I could easily move them from one set to the next. I spray painted the black around the star so that the lovely shiny star was left in the middle.
Thursday 22nd: Tough Kids for Ruth and her friends today.
Fun that it's a dress up.

Not just a normal race, but also a big obstacle course (with mud).
Such a special day with so many great memories made.
Friday 23rd: Last primary assembly for the year. Well done Hannah on getting a certificate. I made it just in time to get this photo as I had an appointment in town which ran late.

Hezekiah got his sports certificate.
And they showed some of their art.
Thankfully his teacher let me just take these photos after assembly.

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