Thursday, September 13, 2018

Skills and no school

Tuesday 11th: Rachel has been on a Barista course over the last two days. It's been fun to hear about all that she has done. She has made many different drinks and learnt so much.
She also took a couple of photos (at my request) so that I could have some for the blog. This is the cappuccino she made. They also got to taste the drinks (at least a sip) so that they can understand how they are different.

Fun with Anastasia.

Wednesday 12th: Hezekiah has picked up a tummy bug and so he won't be back to school this week. Thankfully after the 24 hours he felt absolutely fine.
So just staying home for the 48 hours clear. Asher had one loose stool and so we just had to keep her home too. Hannah had stomach cramps, so to be safe she stayed home too today. Thankfully she was fine by the end of the day. So it was only Ruth who went to school today.
Thankfully our windscreen got fixed today already. I was pleased it got sorted before our weekend away. Hannah and Hezekiah got to watch how it gets done.
Thursday 13th: Anastasia had a fever today. I started wondering if our weekend away was going to be cancelled, but thankfully she hasn't gotten very sick and we didn't need to cancel.
This afternoon Robert stopped by to show us how to play Ticket to Ride - a board game he has lent us for the weekend away. It was much easier to learn as we played.

BELOW: Even though Anastasia wasn't feeling 100%, she still had so much fun laughing at Hezekiah this afternoon. You can see Asher is just chilling today.

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