Sunday, July 22, 2018

Governor's Bay Getaway

Saturday 21st: What a beautiful sunrise to start off a lovely day. After our train trip, one night away, I realized that getting a night away more often would do both Brendon and I the world of good. So I got planning and today we headed off for our 2nd getaway. This time not too far, just to Governor's Bay.

We left at 9 and first got some shopping done in town. Brendon's squash shoes are over 15 years old (perhaps even 20?) and he slips terribly on the court. After his game last night with Tjaart, he was asking him advice on rackets (his racket is a really cheap one that is also as old as his shoes). They got talking about the shoes too and although the soles still look ok, Tjaart said they were probably really hard, and that's why they are not gripping anymore.
He gave us the details of a good squash shop at a squash club and so Brendon got to try some new shoes and also test out 3 rackets to see which one he liked. I'm so pleased he can finally have some decent equipment. It's been great getting back to playing and hopefully we will keep it up now that we have other people to play with too (so that we can switch with watching children at home).
We both also needed tracksuit pants, so we stopped in at the Warehouse too. They had this great box of 10 games (nice and handy for trips) for just $14. I hadn't thought about bringing games with, so this was a nice addition to our time away. We learnt how to play backgammon this afternoon.

After our shopping we got Chinese food for lunch. Enough that we could have left overs for breakfast (and bring some home for the children to enjoy). Thankfully we could check in to the apartment at 1pm, so we had the whole afternoon to just relax. With the accommodation being on such a steep hill, with a very steep drive, we were glad we had bought our dinner things and didn't need to head out again.
What a magnificent view though. The view below is from the bathroom. :-)

We enjoyed watching the tide go out too. In summer it would be a lovely place for the children to go and play down there.
Cold meat and salad for dinner. Brendon said I should take a photo. The children were thankful for the left over feta, olives and meat.

Below: 6pm. So pretty.

Sunday 22nd:
Above: 7:20am. Another beautiful sunrise to enjoy - although quite different from the day before.
We only needed to check out at 12. So we enjoyed a nice relaxing morning and then headed down to Lyttelton for lunch. This photo is from Lyttelton side, looking back to Governor's bay.

Above: On the trip back to Dyers Pass, looking towards the see (from the same spot as the previous photo).
We could have just gone through the tunnel at Lyttelton, but we drove back this way as we had seen a number of walk ways on Dyers Pass. So we decided to go for a walk after lunch.
There were a few spots next to the road were cars had parked, so we picked one of those and headed up the marked paths. We didn't realize how massive this walking area was. We discovered the recreation centre, with loads of car parks and a big park. We ended up doing 1,8km. It was so enjoyable. Anastasia was nicely wrapped up (in a carry pouch and then inside Brendon's jersey). It was still rather cold and we kept our jerseys on while we walked and at one stage our fingers were a bit numb from the cold. It was a lovely walk though and a perfect way to finish our getaway.
We took the selfie from the top of the hill, at the recreation centre. Most of the walk was in forest, so in summer it will be really nice for walks. We were already thinking about making a plan to bring the children at some point.
I thank the Lord for this bit of time we were able to get. Both Rachiel (teacher aide) and Rachel were so great in looking after Asher while we were away, and the Spencer's took the other 3 children. I am so grateful.

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